What We Do

We provide Bahamian high school student-athletes with a gameplan for their dreams of becoming successful college student-athletes.

Becoming a college student-athlete is not an easy feat, if it were, EVERYONE would do it. The STARS programme is designed to connect all the key players- Student Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Guidance Counselors, Athletic Associations, & Colleges & Universities- to ensure that Bahamian high school student-athletes are are fully aware and prepared for opportunities that await them. To accomplish this, we provide the following programs and services.

Academic Advising & Support

We provide each student-athlete with a comprehensive and individualized academic support plan. The guidance, resources, and support that each student receives enhances their academic development and puts them on a pathway to success.

Leadership Development & Training

We equip student-athletes with the interpersonal and leadership skills that they need. We are committed to helping them reach their potential as leaders. Areas of development include self-awareness, people skills, what leaders do, and vision & goals.

College Student-Athlete Preparedness & Readiness Seminar

We educate high school student-athletes about why they should go to college, how to get there, and what it takes to be a success at the college level. In addition to academic preparedness, students gain insight about the day-to-day life of college student athletes of various sports from college student-athletes and coaches.

Parent Preparation & Planning Sessions

In these sessions, Parents will learn how to plan and prepare for the child's success as a student-athlete. This information will help them stay organized, gain trust, and complete the gameplan for their child's college journey.


A critical, yet underestimated, factor in personal development is the connection formed between mentors and mentees. Our STAR mentors can be a valuable resource to high school student-athletes by offering answers to questions about what it takes to be a successful student athlete. Our mentors consist of current Bahamian student-athletes and former college-student athlete graduates.

Stats & Film

Recruiting is an intricate part of the process to become a college student-athlete. This aspect of our program is two-fold: 1. It is designed to help student-athletes have these much needed resources readily available; and 2. It is designed to give non-student athletes the oportunity to learn and become involved with statistics and film coordination. These students will be prepared for college scholarship opportunities available in these areas while assisting student-athletes with securing the accurate stats and game film they need to be successfully recruited.

I will study and prepare, and someday my opportunity will come.
-Abraham Lincoln